What type of ID do I need to get pierced?

Studio Ink will follow the letter of the law and only pierce clients with the proper ID and at what we feel is an appropriate age.FOR PIERCING MINORS; We require that the parent or legal guardian have a valid government issued photo identification. The last name of the parent or guardian MUST be the same as the minor, or legal documentation as to why they are different. The minor being pierced MUST ALSO have photo identification; this can be a passport, drivers license, military ID or a certified birth certificate, accompanied by a school ID or a photo in a yearbook. We do this to protect ourselves and the minor.
The guardian of a minor must also be prepared to be present while the piercing is being performed.
Piercology will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone attempting to use a fake ID, or trying to impersonate another person as this is a federal offense.
For those over 18, a valid government issued photo ID is required.

Will I get an Infection?

Infections are generally the result of improper aftercare. If you follow the aftercare instructions given to you, infections are very rare. Avoid over cleaning or under cleaning, stick with what the guidelines say and you will avoid an infection. The guidelines you will be given are the latest and up-to-date. They have been established by the industry and the APP working with doctors and the piercing community.

How long will it take to heal?

That depends. Each area of the body has its own unique healing period and process. Oral and oral/facial piercings tend to heal fastest, while others tend to heal a bit slower. Also, every individual body heals and reacts to piercings in an individualized manner. So, your friend may have tackled an entire pizza a few days after getting a tongue piercing (which is HIGHLY unrecommended) while you, on the other hand, may still be spoon feeding yourself ice cream and soup after waiting the same amount of time. A general guideline for approximate healing times is as follows:
Cheek: 2-3 months
Cartilage: 2 months-1 year
Earlobe: 6-8 weeks
Eyebrow: 6-8 weeks
Genitals: 4 weeks-6 months
Labret: 6-8 weeks
Lip: 6-8 weeks
Navel: 6 months-over 1 year
Nipple: 2-6 months
Nostril: 2 months-1 year
Septum: 6-8 weeks
Tongue: 4-6 weeks

How long before I can change the starter jewelry?

In accordance with healing, this time period can vary from person to person. There are two things to consider: the initial and full healing periods. The initial healing period is that time when the body creates a nice layer of skin between you and the starter jewelry. The full healing period is when the new piercing is entirely healed. Now, when deciding how long to wait before changing your jewelry you have to remember that you don’t want to reopen the wound. This will delay your healing process and require intense aftercare to prevent possible infection. And when you change your jewelry you are going to irritate your new piercing—no matter how gentle you are. So, my advice is to wait until the piercing is no longer tender (meaning, you can play with your piercing without experiencing ANY discomfort). At this point you can consider changing your jewelry. However, use as much care as possible when changing your jewelry for the first time!

Should I use alcohol to clean my piercing?

DO NOT use any type of alcohol to clean your piercing. Alcohol is not meant for internal use, and will only irritate and further complicate the healing process.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or stop in.