Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your shop hours?

Our regular business hours are: Tues-Sat from 12pm-10pm, closed Sun-Mon.
If you can’t make these hours and are looking for earlier appointments, please contact us! We can make special arrangements if necessary, we are very flexible…

Where are you located?

Our Studio in located at 4163 Merrick Road (on the North side of Merrick Road) in Massapequa. We are a quarter of a mile east of the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway and a Block and a half West of All American Hamburger if you are familiar with the area. Take Seaford Oyster Bay South to the very last exit, which is Merrick rd. East, go a quarter of a mile, we will be on your left… From Southern State Parkway… exit either at Seaford Oyster Bay South, OR exit at the Hicksville rd. / Rte. 107 South exit and head South to Merrick Rd., make a right on Merrick and go a block and a half, we will be on your right… Look for the really nice building that says STUDIO INK in all of the front windows and on the awning, no worries you will find us easily… we look forward to seeing you…

Do you offer body piercing?

YES! we now have piercing available.

What do I need to get tattooed?

New York State requires that you have a government issued photo ID in order to get tattooed. Basically, we need a government document with your birth date, and photo verification that it is you. Driver’s license, Passport, Military ID, etcetera. We also have a “Consent to Tattoo” form that must be filled out prior to getting tattooed.

I am under 18, can I get tattooed?

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT… We know this is strict, but in New York State this is the law. Please do not ask us to make an exception, the answer is, was, and will always be, NO… However… with a deposit, we will gladly help you plan your artwork, draw and size your tattoo, AND make your appointment as well, as long as the appointment date is AFTER your 18th birthday…

How do you price tattoos? How much will my tattoo cost?

How much does a car cost? There are, $500 cars, and there are $50,000 cars…both are cars, the difference is quality. The same goes for tattoos. That being said…The shop minimum is $75. For the majority of tattoos, the price of your tattoo will reflect an hourly rate and include any charges for, changes to, the artwork, the original artwork or setup. This will always be discussed with your artist upfront, prior to your actual tattoo session. For smaller, single session tattoos, we can price them out, per that particular tattoo at that time, in person. Just come into the studio, speak to an artist, and we be more than happy to discuss any and all of your concerns. We do not give prices over the phone, and we do not give prices through email. For larger tattoos that will take multiple sessions, such as (sleeves, back pieces, etc.), It is usually by the hour, but some pieces may be charged a flat fee.

Do you need an appointment, or can I walk in?

Yes, we take walk-ins all day, everyday, but appointments are always preferred. You can make an appointment by calling us at 516 TATTOOS… that’s 516 828-8667. We take walk in requests whenever possible, if you prefer that method, but if at all possible, always call first… However, for custom tattoos, you will possibly need to come in for a consultation to discuss your ideas and your artwork and leave a deposit, prior to the actual tattoo session. Just to be certain, always call first… There is NEVER a charge for a consultation with an artist, just call and make sure your artist is available to speak to you at the time you plan on coming in…

Why leave a deposit?

People often don’t realize the amount of planning that goes into drawing a custom tattoo. Larger tattoos, can take an artist hours to draw before your appointment to actually get tattooed. For that reason, we require a non-refundable minimum deposit of $50-100 in order to schedule certain appointments, or begin your custom artwork. The deposit will in all cases, come off the price of your tattoo. This ensures that if you don’t show up, the artist will be compensated for some of his/her time and effort. We take our artwork and tattoo work very seriously and taking a deposit also shows that you are as serious about the project as we are. We sincerely appreciate you understanding this. In the event of a larger, several session tattoos, the deposit will remain “a deposit” until the last session is complete. Then, and only then will the deposit be applied to your final payment…

How busy are your artists?

Most of the time we are available to do any and all walk-ins, but always call us beforehand at 516 TATTOOS that’s 828-8667 to see if an artist is available at that moment, and what you will need to do to set up an appointment with an artist.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Call as soon as you can at 516 TATTOOS… that’s 516 828-8667. Even if it’s the same day, it is better than not calling at all. If you left a deposit, will can, and will transfer it to the next appointment. If you no call/no show you will lose your deposit and will have to leave another one if you want to get tattooed.

What is your shop minimum?

Our minimum is $75. We absolutely WILL NOT tattoo for anything less than that. In addition, If you are working within a budget, let the artist know and we can draw your design accordingly. “My little tattoo will only take a few minutes, why will it be $75.00 The answer to this is simply, the shop minimum reflects not only the cost of medical disposables such as needles, ink, barrier film, and so on, but the actual time that it takes to set up a tattoo station, and set it up properly, safely, and sterile as per the Board Of Health. A tattoo is, after all, a surgical procedure and needs to be done properly for your safety as well as ours. It takes a real effort to work sterile and clean. Please respect this… you should be VERY glad we do…

Do you only accept cash?

We accept cash as well as credit cards, but we must insist on a 4% service charge to do so… We also offer gift certificates.

What is your email address?

Email us anytime at…

Do you do cover ups?

Yes we do. This requires a face to face consultation with an artist to make sure a cover up is indeed possible. We will discuss all of your options, consider and apply any and all design ideas that you may have, and come up with a project design that is both executable, as well as a tattoo you can be proud of…

Do you rework old tattoos?

Yes, we do. This also requires a face to face consultation. With old tattoos, sometimes a cover up is the way to go. If we can salvage it, we definitely will, but we will also be honest if it can not be saved. In most cases the tattoo can be re-lined, re-colored, and fully restored to its former glory, or better, due to the quality of the equipment and supplies available today. You may even consider incorporating new artwork in addition to restoring your old artwork creating a virtually “new tattoo” while keeping your original artwork intact for sentimental reasons. No worries, we have the answer…

Do you do all styles of tattooing?

Yes, we do. We do Black and Grey, Realistic, Brilliant Color, Portraits, Old School Traditional, Pin-ups, Lettering, Mini-tattoos, Hot Rod and Automotive, Polynesian Tribal… basically, if you can think it, we can ink it…

Do tattoos hurt?

Yes, tattoos are a little uncomfortable. If the idea of getting pricked with a pin 120-150 times per second was infinitely intolerable, no one would have a tattoo… Certain body parts are more sensitive than others and clients come in all shapes and sizes. What is a tender spot to one client is not necessarily a tender spot to another. Everyone is different and everyone’s tattoo experience is unique. We will make every effort to make your tattoo experience a great one… Come on, get that tattoo you always wanted…you can handle this.

Do you do large tattoos, what is the process, and what should I expect?

In the event that you are planning a large, or possibly a very large tattoo, such as a full back piece, full chest piece, full sleeve work and such, you will start by scheduling a consultation with your artist. This consultation will be at no charge to the client ever… Come in with your ideas and your imagination, along with guidelines such as whether your artwork will be in color or black and grey, along with a potential theme, and images that you are considering. This session of artistic brainstorming will undoubtedly produce an idea ready for your artist to begin to create on paper… At this point you will be expected to leave a deposit as requested by the artist, which will undoubtedly vary due directly to the size of the actual project involved. Please understand that six hours of artwork is extremely uncomfortable to undertake with the possibility of never seeing the client again. Your deposit will undoubtedly be applied to your tattoo work. Once the preliminary artwork is complete, you will be contacted to come in and view your artwork, give your input, suggest changes, size it etc. and finally, give it your stamp of approval… At this time you will book your first appointment of several, and your tattoo experience will begin. Your deposit will remain a “deposit” towards your future appointments until your final session and will be applied only at this time. When booking multiple hours, billing will become more liberal and this will be discussed with your artist…

Do you allow children?

We allow well behaved children in the lobby, but absolutely no children in the tattooing areas. This can be very distracting when we are trying to tattoo. Please keep them in the lobby and make sure someone is watching them.

Are there any kinds of tattoos you will not do?

We don’t do UV (black light) tattoos. We also don’t do all white tattoos. White tattoos can often turn a yellowish color in time and end up looking terrible. We do not do henna, and we do not do temporary tattoos. We will not do bad, fast, lousy, ugly, cheap, terrible, or any other tattoo that we would not be proud to put our name on. Your tattoo is a direct reflection of our reputation, and EVERY tattoo will be executed to the best of our artistic ability… That being said, remember… impressive tattoos are not cheap, and cheap tattoos are not impressive… If you are looking for a “cheap” tattoo, please keep looking…

Sterilization, cleanliness, and of course… Is my tattoo safe?

At Studio Ink, We take utmost pride in cleanliness and safety for both YOU, the client, and for US, the artists. We provide new disposable needles for every client and adhere to strict procedures to avoid any and all cross-contamination. You can expect to see disposable ink holders, disposable razors, and barriers on everything that must be touched during the tattoo process. If it makes you feel safe, by all means, ask the artist to see the needles and tubes before set-up. We work closely with the Nassau County Department of Health to ensure that our methods comply with the most current guidelines and we are licensed and certified. Please, for your comfort and piece of mind, simply ask to see our hospital grade sterilization system. We use the latest Autoclave technology to sterilize every item associated with the tattoo process that is not a disposable item. We certainly will not mind… just ask, we will be proud to show you and explain the process…

Finally how do I prepare for the day of my appointment?

Please do your best to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Make an effort to be well rested, sufficiently hydrated, not hungry or hung over. We suggest bringing a Gatorade or something similar, as well as a candy bar in the event that you have a drop in your sugar levels. Wear comfortable clothes, keeping in mind the specific body part must be accessible to be tattooed. We suggest loose fitting clothes over the tattooed area, this is highly recommended. Wear clothing that you will not be very upset if it gets a little tattoo ink on it. We try, and try but yet… it happens now and then. Bring an appropriate distraction such as an Ipod, Ipad or tablet, mp3 player, DVD player and headphones, or even a book. Please keep in mind that anything that will distract you, yet permit you to remain still, and in your zone is perfect. And no, this does not mean bringing your entourage to distract you. This will only cause you to speak, and move, and distract the artist as well. Bring your picture, government issued ID, and a form of payment.

Whether you are a tattoo first timer, or a seasoned collector, every client of Studio Ink leaves with a true work of art…