about Ray White and Studio Ink Tattoo.

Ray White

About Ray White and Studio Ink Tattoo

Ray White has over 25 years experience as a tattoo artist, He is the Head Artist at Studio Ink Tattoo in Massapequa NY.

Studio Ink not your typical “Tattoo Parlor”, we are a Tattoo “Studio”, taking pride in offering a professional, friendly environment, filled with artistic energy. At Studio Ink Tattoo we want our clients to feel comfortable bringing their Sons and Daughters in for their first tattoo as well as catering to the seasoned tattoo collector seeking professional, custom, high quality artwork they desire and expect. Studio Ink’s environment is hospital clean, friendly, with private rooms for your comfort and confidence. Studio Ink Tattoo is a no attitude shop where everyone is given the time, attention, and respect they deserve. Everyone is made to feel welcome, and comfortable.

Your tattoo is a serious commitment. A tattoo is for life so it must be the perfect design for you. Before rushing to select your tattoo art, there should be serious consideration before making that commitment. This is the reason that at Studio Ink Tattoo, we take the time to discuss, create, and design a tattoo that not only you can live with, but a tattoo you could never live without. Whether your tattoo is a newly created design, a cover-up, or a restoration of an old tattoo, we want you to be very happy with your choice.

Ray White has been tattooing for well over twenty years, doing fine line detail work, black and grey, photo realism, amazing color, custom artwork, and cover-ups that most artists won’t even attempt… and with amazing results!

Please, come see for yourself what a truly satisfying, professional tattoo experience can be… we look forward to seeing you.